Sarah Gillogly Studios Senior Representative Program – 2017

Sarah Gillogly Studios High School Senior Portrait Representative Program



This is your time to shine, you’re entering in your last year of High School and all your hard work is about to pay off with a cap, gown, diploma and gorgeous high school senior portraits to share with your family and friends!  Becoming an SGS Senior Rep is another part of this shining moment!

If you’re chosen to become a Rep, you’ll get the Sarah Gillogly Studios experience.  You can look forward to hair & make-up styling, 1 on 1 time in front of the camera, rep cards to hand out to friends, the potential to earn cash, gift cards and more!

This is where I’ll need your help!  Senior year is full of questions that need answers and there are so many decisions to make.  Your friends need someone like you; who’ve already had the SGS Senior Portrait experience; to show them why choosing Sarah Gillogly Studios for their portraits, is the best and easiest decision in their senior year!


Are you interested in becoming a rep?  Fill out the form below!  All Entries must be submitted by April 1st 2016.

(P.S.  We’re developing our program specifically for you!  Your answers will help us determine THE best gifts and gear to give you for your referrals!)


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Are you involved in any after-school activities?  What are your hobby's/passions?

Do you hang out at the movie theater on the weekends?  Maybe you prefer the coffee shop?

Are you adventurous? Artistic and Creative? Motivated? Confident? Shy? Athletic? Funny or Outgoing? Tell me About you?

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