In Home Lifestyle Session – Mineola, Texas


Creativity sparked me.

I LOVE lifestyle photography.  It’s so pure and natural; authentic and emotive.  I thought what better way to dabble than try with my own girls.

My oldest Charlotte was originally super stoked I was going to take pictures, but then decided she didn’t want to join us because she didn’t like her pants… and she’s only four…. good lordy-lordy, what am I in for when they’re 14 & 13?

But, I just love these images of Annabelle, they represent her wild personality perfectly.  And to be honest, I’m sort of glad my eldest didn’t want to participate.  It’s not often I have images of just one girl & I’d been meaning to take Annabelle’s portrait since she turned three in August.

Lifestyle Session-Mineola Texas 007sarah-gillogly-studios-annabelle-lifestyle-session-mineola-texas_0007

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