Behind the Lens. What It Means to be Your Photographer!

Well Hello There!

Sarah Gillogly - Mineola Texas Photographer -Sarah Gillogly Studios

My name is Sarah and I am so honored you’ve found yourself here!  I’ve carefully thought about what to write in my first post, I wanted to share a little about myself and the work that I so desperately love.  I hope, through my art and writing; I’ll be able to express to you the joy that comes from capturing your family’s moment in time.

Your history, your future.

Portraits are something to be treasured, proudly placed on the walls of our homes and smiled at when we come home each day.  Portraits are also something to be shared.  Nothing gives us more joy than sharing our accomplishments with family and friends.  My job is to be your counsel.  The bridge between the gap of yearning for preservation of those moments and obtaining them.  Your family unique, it is my personal goal to capture the beauty of your family.  What makes your family’s heart beat? What brings your family joy? How can I help protect this shining moment in the fragile network of time?  From your gleaming faces the first time you see your images, to the satisfaction of hanging your portrait on the wall, the joy in my work is serving you right here in East Texas!

Speaking of East Texas…  I have met so many fabulous and warm hearted people since moving here! My husband and I are richly blessed to call this area our new home, and we are really looking forward to raising our children here.

If you’d like to get to know me a little better, read this fun and silly questioner! My family and I put it together.  We had fun choosing the questions and laughing at my answers.  I’ve decided I need family for these types of things.  Sometimes it’s family who knows us better than ourselves!

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