Sweet Newborn Baby Zane

Meet Zane!

Newborn Zane

This little guy was as cute as could be!  It was my first time photographing a newborn baby boy; and I couldn’t have asked for a better model!

I’ll share a super top-secret and well known fact in the Newborn Photography world.  Ready for it?  Ok!

Babies love to be really REALLY warm. And when they’re really REALLY warm; they get super SUPER sleepy.  Which makes our job as Newborn Photographers much MUCH simpler.

How many times did I use the same word in a row row?  😉

Newborn Zane

Ok! On with the point!

It is suggested that a photography studio or working environment for a Newborn Photographer should be at 80° F. Baby Zane was no exception.  In the first portion of our session, he was wide awake and a bit fussy.  I started out swaddling him, in one of my favorite stretch wraps which helped calm him.  You see, along with the need to be warm, babies need to feel secure.  When newborns are wrapped, they feel as if they are still secure in the womb.  The life they’ve known for 99.98769348% of their lives.

Newborn Zane - 6 weeks

This is where the heat drops.

(See what I did there?)

It’s warm in that womb! And if recreating a womb-like environment is key to a sleeping baby, then a warm room is essential to capturing beautiful images for you!

With Zane,  that was the ticket.  I have known about the ‘keep the space warm’ trick for quite sometime, but I didn’t set up my handy portable heater right away.  Once I did, the session flowed so much smoother.  He slept almost the entire time and I was able to photograph SO many adorable images of him!

Newborn ZaneNewborn Zane

Newborn Zane

Mohair Wrap: Drops and Props by Beth

Flokati Rug: Rugs USA

Basket: Michaels

Hat: Made by Me!


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