Events in Mineola – Building a Super Awesome Event Booth

Sarah Gillogly Studios Booth - Mineola Texas Event

Several months ago, I was perusing a Facebook group I’m part of,  Masters of the Wall Portrait.  A key founder of the group was sharing his tried and proven ‘booth’ he sets up for a home show once or twice a year.

Once I saw it; I knew that if an opportunity ever came up for me to be at a home show, I’d love to try and create it.  Thankfully several months later; an email from the Mineola Area Chamber of Commerce was sent, announcing the Lake Country Home and Outdoor Living Show.

Now; I knew that in order to pull this off, it would require my husbands love of working on projects and building things.  Of course he loved the idea as much as I did, and happily designed and built my booth.  He’s so supportive 😉


He even built me custom frames for two of my wall portraits.

Custom Frames for family portraits - Mineola Texas

Here, is my booth assembled, the day before the opening of the show.  My husband is putting in the light fixtures on the bar across the top of it.  He’s an electrician by trade & can light up any room 😉

Sarah Gillogly Studios - Mineola Texas Event


After we assembled my booth we had to fill in the visible seams of the panels.  The glossy bits you see are fresh paint over the spackle, which helped to blend everything in.

Sarah Gillogly Studios Booth - Mineola Texas Event

I think my daughters Mini Mouse crocks really pull everything together 😉



Here is the finished booth!  Complete with wall portrait samples.  I love how my brochures turned out as well from M Prints (here in Mineola).  M Prints really took care of me, they were super busy that week but still found time to print my brochures and business cards.  They even helped me when I realized I had made a format mistake and came back in for help.

I just love the sense of community living in a small town 🙂

Sarah Gillogly Studios Booth - Mineola Texas Event


I consider the show a success!  I was able to meet and talk with some other businesses around Wood County and I am definitely looking forward to next years show!

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