Website Portrait – Mineola Nature Preserve

I gave the camera to Dan… Not too shabby eh?


In Fact… I had these printed for a wall portrait and I can’t wait to frame & hang them in my home!  I just adore these pictures of Annabelle & myself.


But the REAL reason I gave my camera to my husband was so he could take my business portrait (or headshot if you prefer).  He did an excellent job!  Looks like he remembered a thing or two from his high-school photography elective (although he swears all they did in his class was play cards; chill on a really old couch and listen to classic rock)

Sarah Gillogly - Mineola Texas Photographer -Sarah Gillogly Studios

Anyway; the Mineola Nature Preserve is a great location!  There are plenty of spots and a lot of textures to create beautiful images.  I’m glad we went there & so were the kids because they got to play at the park when we were done… which didn’t happen soon enough for them 😉

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