Adventure in Tyler, Texas – How looking for frames was a FLOP!

This afternoon the Gillogly gang loaded up in our van and headed down to Tyler, TX.  Tyler is a bit of a drive, 30 minutes to an hour, depending on where you’re going.  The drive usually doesn’t bother me – except for last week…when my sole purpose was taking the kids to the discovery science place; only to pull in the parking lot and find out they’re closed for renovations – yeah true story, at least it should be pretty epic when their done!  But all too often we find ourselves not able to get the things we need in Mineola (or want to go to dinner, or lunch, or breakfast) & need to make the trip.

And it’s nice to combine trips.  We hate to drive ALL the way down there for ONE THING.  Two things?  It’s a go, we’re loading up and headed down.  One?  It’s like pulling our own teeth out – we dread it!  Starbucks usually gets added as our ‘second thing to do in Tyler’.  It’s a big motivator.  Soon Lindale, TX will have its own Starbucks & I know we’re all happy about that.  Let’s hope it’s still PSL season when it debuts!  

So as we were debating what to do today, we decided to go to Tyler for lunch and Starbucks and frames for the pictures I need to hang.  We headed to Michaels for frames after lunch, and for some reason I’d forgotten how limited their selection is, and was completely disappointed. 

In photographer world 8×10’s are NOT our friends.  They can be; but not if your image is an intimate, close crop.  Then you might as well say buh-bye ear, or see-ya later hairline.  Using an 8×10 frame for an image created in an 8×12 world would be like settling for Dairy Queen when you could have Ben & Jerry’s… maybe ice cream is a bad comparison.  Is there bad ice cream?  Using an 8×10 frame for an 8×12 image is like using skim milk in your coffee when you could have breve! 

Its a compromise! And no one wants to compromise!

Michaels had one… ONE 8×12 frame in the store.  I was so disappointed in their selection and it further drives my desire to include framing options for you!  I’d hate for you to have beautiful images sitting in your closet (like me) and not be able to find the perfect frame for them to hang on your walls or prop on your mantle.  If you want to get your images framed, don’t stress like I did and try and go to 10 different stores looking for the right frame.  And definitely DON’T compromise.  Let me take care of that for you, so you can get back to doing more of what you love.

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