Unger Family Session – Munzesheimer Manor – Mineola, Texas

In April, I asked Ashlee if her family would be the face for my new ad.  We decided the day-of to do her family session at their Bed & Breakfast – the Munzesheimer – and I can not think of a better place to have photographed their family!

Ashlee is literally THE first person I met when we moved to Mineola, Texas.  When we first moved here, we were staying with my Dad & his family.  My stepmom was meeting Ashlee and her son for lunch at Taste Buds, and I tagged along with my girls.  I knew from the minute we met that she was a free-spirit, hard-working and that we’d be great friends!


Ashlee and her Bret are extremely talented.  Along with raising their 2 year old son and running the Munzesheimer; Ashlee teaches yoga during the week.  They took a leap of faith several years ago and purchased the popular Bed & Breakfast, moving from Dallas to Mineola.  She and Bret enjoy it immensely.  Their passion for travel has grown into a passion for hosting people from all over the world.


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