Charlotte At Six

For Charlottes Birthday, I’m secretly glad we didn’t do ‘pretty dress + a field of flowers’ type session like last year.  These pictures represent her in such a way, that I’m confident when I look back on them in 20 years; I’ll remember how her voice sounded, and what her hair felt like when I pull it back into a ponytail.  I’ll also have this handy itemized list of things about her right now – just in case I forget… or need to cause some embarrassment by posting it to her Facebook wall in 10 years.

  1. She’s six (duh)
  2. Charlotte has classic ‘Oldest daughter syndrome’ (aka she’s bossy AF).  I often tell her “You just worry about being the fun older sister, I’ll be the mom”
  3. More recently, I’ve learned her love language is talking & quality time.  We could talk for an hour at bedtime about everything and nothing and that would be perfectly fine with her.
  4. She is SO.DAMN.SMART.  (I know, I know, EVERY parent says their kid is smart)
  5. She LOVES her teacher; and going to the library at school.  She loves to get Biscuit Stories, though isn’t much of an animal person.
  6. She’s freakin’ funny man!  She’s really starting to get her own sense of humor and has made me burst with laughter unexpectedly a few times.
  7. I think she might be a bit of a perfectionist – She likes things to be ‘Just So’ and will work diligently to get them that way.
  8. Her MO on the weekends is Netflix & Chill.  She usually gets up before my husband and I, gets a snack; wraps herself in a blanket on the couch, and starts watching her shows. (Spirit Riding Free is totally her jam right now)
  9. She’s not ashamed to let one rip – something I’m 99.9% certain she got from her dad!  She’s even said “Hey Mom! Pull my finger!”  Ummmm….. No? (Thanks Dan for teaching her that one)

My final thoughts on my daughter turning six?  How is it possible to express ALL of my emotions about it.  Going from 5 to 6 is huge man!  Next year I swear she’ll be seventeen… and I can’t have that.  I need time to slow down drastically.

Also – does anyone know if the Hyperloop doubles as a time machine?  Asking for a friend.

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  1. Sandr says:

    You’ve totally inspired me!!! Why do we stop writing about our kids when the baby book is filled???
    My son is 9, and I haven’t wrote things down in years. I’ve stored tons of memories other ways, but this is such an awesome idea. It’s never to late, so the fact that he’s turning 10 this year makes it a perfect time to start a big boy notebook all about him that we both can look back on one day. He’s a sentimental little guy, so I know he’ll love it. 
    Your daughter is so cute!!! Love your pics!!!

  2. Kat Gillogly says:

    Sarah, you’ve made me cry! The pictures are wonderful….grandma will need a few! LOL  I’m completely a dodo brain, as Ann would say, because I DID NOT KNOW, you have a blog !!! Where have I been???  Anyway, now I know I’m reading it all! We love you so much, you and Dan are THE best parents! And we are so very proud of you both and the little monster/princesses you are raising!

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