Bullard Texas Photographer – The H Family

This New York family had recently moved to the Bullard Texas area to pursue their Homesteading dreams! When I asked them how they chose the area, they chuckled and basically said they pointed to a spot on the map and moved there!

I love the spontaneity of this family!  And the fact that they have two daughters kinda warmed my heart as well.  Capturing Dad with his girls was really special, and it sparked a thought:  We have this ‘Boy Mom’ revolution, and it sometimes; seems a bit… uh… cultish at times?  A special group; only the elite of elite can join.  But what about Girl Dad’s?  Don’t they deserve some cred’ on the streets we call parenthood?

Sure we have ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ but I really don’t think Dad’s of Daughters get enough credit.  They are just as influential as mothers, if not MORE when girls are growing up.  They are the level-headed, rib-squeezing-huggers, and counselor we all seek at some point in our life.  And as husbands – oh my Lord!  The amount of emotions flowing from the women in their life on a daily basis – that alone deserves an Olympic Medal.

So:  I’m declaring we give Dad’s their due today.  Give YOUR Dad a call, a hug, a text.  Furthermore; hug your husband and let him know how much you appreciate him!

Bullard Texas Photographer-Family Session-Tyler Rose Garden-Sarah Gillogly Studios

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