Five things to do with your newborn photographs

I noticed that most of my clients don’t know what to do with their newborn photos after they receive their digital images. That’s why I put together this list of five things you can do with your newborn photographs, beyond sharing on social media. So that you can get the most out of your newborn session by sprinkling pockets of visual joy throughout your home, and bless others dear to your family.

1) Photo and footprint keepsake for great-grandparents

Have an image printed on archival paper with your newborns footprint stamped on the back. Give them as gifts with a sweet little note to your grandparents. They may not get to enjoy seeing your new baby in person as often as others. Grandparents more than anyone would cherish looking at a sweet photo of your baby.

2) Have one printed for your desk or office.

A modern acrylic photoblock is a sleek and unique design. Have one made for your desk at home, or your husbands office. They are a minimalistic art piece, and a great way to sprinkle pictures that bring you joy throughout your home.

3) Decorate your nursery

This one may be obvious, but there are so many different mediums to print on these days, you don’t need to go with a traditional canvas, or typical wall art. There are more unique and pieces, such as wooden blocks or even a modern metal print.

4) Order an Album with your Favorites

4) Order an album with your favorite images. It will be an heirloom piece that your baby will love to look at throughout their toddler and childhood years. My oldest daughter loves to spend time with me looking through old pictures, it’s one way we connect and spend quality time together.

5) Use them in your Thank You cards

Place a small print inside your thank you cards. If your friends or family threw you a baby shower or sprinkle, a great way to put a personal touch on your thank you’s is to include a print from your newborn session. It doesn’t need to be large, wallet sizes are a great option for this!

Heres what I recommend:

Though I love all of the ideas above, I get most excited about a printed album! Since I started printing my images in an album, they have become a huge part of how my family spends quality time together. We enjoy snuggling on the couch looking though all the pictures, reminiscing about times past, and laughing our butts off. It truly brings joy to everyone who looks through them.

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