Hey, I'm Sarah. I'm a Newborn photographer in the Tyler Texas area. My grandparents owned the number one studio in the Inland Empire in the early ’90’s. I grew up in front of a camera and always loved playing with the props at the studio. I have been passionate about photography ever since.

After my grandparents closed their studio, my mother picked up her camera and started where they left. It is more than a passion for me. This is a family legacy – one that I am proud to continue incorporating my own natural style, right here in East Texas!



No makeup selfie with my little dude

I believe the way your family interacts with each other is already beautiful, and deserves to be captured. I am a slow photographer, I will gently guide you and then let your family settle, giving you all a chance to breathe and re-connect. I'll observe and watch for moments that happen naturally. That means if your baby is feeling a little shy, I'm going to meet her where she is, and focus on the smaller details. Your arms wrapped around them, their sweet profile looking up at you, you brushing the hair out of her eyes.

It is my dream to provide you with an experience beyond capturing a great picture, one where you'll receive heirloom images of depth and connection, ones that will last throughout all seasons of life.

Portrait Philosophy

Those are my kiddos!

My heart belongs to the Central CA Coast. I grew up going there and my husband and I would spend nearly every anniversary there before moving to Texas.

04. What's your dream vacation?

Definitely Coffee... daily! Dan and I have an Italian-made espresso machine that gets used daily. though I love a good hot tea lattes!

03. Coffee or Tea?

With three kids, it's always Bluey! But I really don't mind. Bluey always gets me right in the parent feels, it's as if the writers are telling my lifes story through an animated Australian dog-family.

02. Currently Watching

Hard Rock, Christian Folk, EDM. I really like it all. I'm more of a song person over sticking to a specific genre.

01. What's your favorite kind of music?

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