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For Charlottes Birthday, I’m secretly glad we didn’t do ‘pretty dress + a field of flowers’ type session like last year.  These pictures represent her in such a way, that I’m confident when I look back on them in 20 years; I’ll remember how her voice sounded, and what her hair felt like when I […]

Charlotte At Six

Children, Lifestyle Photography

Mar 29, 2018
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I’ve been trying to blog Charlotte’s 5th Birthday Session for months.  And now finally, (today at o’dark thirty), Im sitting at my desk (aka kitchen table) praying that the new blackout shades My Husband installed yesterday will keep my ‘Early Bird’ sleeping past ‘early’.  Seriously, this kid wakes up no later than 6:30 most days. […]

Charlotte’s Birthday Session – Mineola Texas


Jun 29, 2017